The job isn’t finished when construction workers have packed up their equipment. To wrap up the project, the area requires a thorough cleaning.

Post construction cleanup is a necessary part of the building process because, generally speaking, contractors are not skilled in the art of cleaning up after themselves.

Consider using an experienced ‘Post-Construction’ cleaning company. Otherwise, the job may not be completed according to code or within the allotted time-frame.

We help you restore the intended brilliance of the space by taking care of:

• Disposal of construction residue from entire space
• Careful attention to the cleaning of windows, floors & walls
• Safe removal of tape, stickers and debris from glass prior to windows / glass surfaces cleaning
• Wipe down & interior vacuuming, and careful cleaning of all cabinets
• Polishing of all fixtures.
• Removal paint, dirt, and stains from floor and all other surfaces
• Ensuring floor surfaces are waxed and buffed if needed.
• Careful removal of debris, nails and staples from carpet pre-HEPA VACUUM
• Carpet Steam Cleaning / Extraction / Encapsulation