Second only to Medical, the Educational Sector presents the highest probability of exposure to toxic germs and blood-born pathogens.

Your facility must be routinely SANITIZED, not just cleaned.  This requires specialized cleaning procedures, products and awareness training that focuses on keeping everyone safe while exposed to blood-borne pathogens and other infectious micro-organisms.

Unscrupulous cleaning companies have no problem cutting corners and skipping steps in disinfecting if it saves them money. Working with MINT ensures the use of the highest quality Aero-Space / Medical Grade, Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products.


We pay close attention to HOW we clean, not just WHAT we clean. We employ HEPA Filtration systems & follow OSHA compliance parameters. And work exclusive with environmentally-responsible and green products.

Our surface-cleaning products combine powerful hydrogen peroxide (H202) with surfactants. A potent oxidizer, H202 reacts with organic soils to remove dirt from all surfaces, penetrating deep into surface pores and neutralizing odors.

Our tougher antiseptic / disinfectant products are not only sustainable and smells better than bleach, but are more effective. Lethal against a broad range of microorganisms including C. difficile spores, Hepatitis B, Norovirus and Canine parvovirus.

Consider the sensitive information contained in your patient files, and the exposure to Identity Theft and / or possible loss & damage. What a nightmare that would be if compromised. All of our employees are criminally background checked, referenced from prior employment, and credit-checked. Work eligibility is also verified prior to hiring.

Crews are monitored nightly via Mobile Technology; instant tracking allows us to confirm location of assigned crew members, and nightly time-stamps for every shift.